Student Lifecycle Management

Run your institution more efficiently and effectively. Zion has reinvented finance, HR, student, grants management, and planning applications to help you take your institution forward.

A higher degree of knowledge
Easily manage your entire institution. Recruit and retain best-fit students and employees; support open-ended terms and flexible payment schedules; track academic appointments, tenure, and memberships; manage endowments and grants; and so much more—all in a single system designed by higher education for higher education.

With Zion, your institution can:
• Adapt quickly to new learning and outcome models and other changes
• Engage students, faculty, and staff with truly mobile communications
• Gain greater insight into faculty and staff to optimize resources
• Improve accuracy and compliance for grants, budgets, and awards

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Student records.

Easily manage all enrollment-related activities, including various registration methods, learning assessments, and completion of educational objectives.

  • Let students plan, access courses, register, and take care of business on any device.
  • Verify and calculate enrollment status to determine tuition, fees, and financial aid eligibility.
  • Track program and status changes to manage students’ progress toward completion.
  • Provide support for courses, learning outcomes, and competencies, including assessment of student performance.

Simplify course planning and registration.

Say goodbye to manual, paper-driven processes. With Zion, you can bring course planning and registration into a single student system.

  • Allow students to create their own unique pathway to graduation day.
  • Input registration appointments, wait-listing, prerequisites, and general eligibility rules into the enrollment framework.
  • Let students plan, access courses, and register on any device.
  • Support multiple student lifecycles and maintain student records with more than one program of study.

March toward graduation.

Easily track program and status changes to help students manage their progress toward graduation.

  • Verify and calculate enrollment status to determine tuition, fees, and financial aid eligibility.
  • Get real-time student data on status changes related to the granting of credentials.
  • Search, filter, and take action on program of study completion status for unique student populations.
  • Give students a full view of their progress and provide guidance using our native system of engagement.

Showcase student accomplishments.

Show more than just the final semester grade on student transcripts. With student academic records from Zion, you can account for traditional academic courses as well as outside-of-the-classroom learning.

  • Highlight outside-of-the-classroom learning and course competencies on college transcripts.
  • Share learning outcomes with industry leaders and accrediting agencies to show how prepared graduates are for their careers.