Student Lifecycle Management

Run your institution more efficiently and effectively. Zion has reinvented finance, HR, student, grants management, and planning applications to help you take your institution forward.

A higher degree of knowledge
Easily manage your entire institution. Recruit and retain best-fit students and employees; support open-ended terms and flexible payment schedules; track academic appointments, tenure, and memberships; manage endowments and grants; and so much more—all in a single system designed by higher education for higher education.

With Zion, your institution can:
• Adapt quickly to new learning and outcome models and other changes
• Engage students, faculty, and staff with truly mobile communications
• Gain greater insight into faculty and staff to optimize resources
• Improve accuracy and compliance for grants, budgets, and awards

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Financial aid.

Easily administer all kinds of aid programs, from federal and state to private sources, to help students from all walks of life access higher education.

  • Allow students to manage their financial aid requirements anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage business processes for applications, validation of data, and eligibility.
  • Automate financial aid awards, including general eligibility, grade-level limits, and program limits.
  • Identify discrepancies among various student records to ensure the appropriate request, receipt, disbursement, or return of funds.

Manage more in less time.

Easily manage all kinds of programs, ranging from federal, state, and institutional aid to private fund sources.

  • Automate financial aid processes, such as cost of attendance, packaging, and verification.
  • Package and repackage financial aid using unique institutional configurations.
  • Assign action items to verify ISIR-related data and change a student’s verification status.
  • Configure reaction rule-sets to automate how and when financial aid and charge assessment processes respond when a student’s data changes.

Flexibly package financial aid.

Provide your students with the right aid to meet their needs. Zion Student Financial Aid accommodates all kinds of packages, including need-based, merit, and graduate student support.

  • Use the student's ISIR to determine eligibility for need-based financial support.
  • Quickly calculate merit aid or graduate support programs using admissions profile and financial aid application data.
  • Keep students informed with automated notifications, alerts, and reminders.
  • Improve your financial aid programs and enrollment yields by using student recruiting and admissions data.

Streamline compliance.

Spend less time updating system requirements and more time on student success. With a cloud-based financial aid management system from Zion, you can automatically maintain regulatory updates related to ISIR files, Pell Grant tables, and Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) files