Student Lifecycle Management

Run your institution more efficiently and effectively. Zion has reinvented finance, HR, student, grants management, and planning applications to help you take your institution forward.

A higher degree of knowledge
Easily manage your entire institution. Recruit and retain best-fit students and employees; support open-ended terms and flexible payment schedules; track academic appointments, tenure, and memberships; manage endowments and grants; and so much more—all in a single system designed by higher education for higher education.

With Zion, your institution can:
• Adapt quickly to new learning and outcome models and other changes
• Engage students, faculty, and staff with truly mobile communications
• Gain greater insight into faculty and staff to optimize resources
• Improve accuracy and compliance for grants, budgets, and awards

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Student financials.

Give your accounting and finance departments insight into all aspects of student financials with a single student information system.

  • Calculate tuition and fees based on criteria, such as student and program of study or academic time period.
  • Administer refunds/rebates based on student, course, and third-party criteria.
  • Identify the student’s monetary transaction activity.
  • Calculate and record revenue recognition by fiscal period.

Get a snapshot of student accounts.

Zion allows students and administrators to view financial accounts and key information on any device.

  • See the exact, up-to-the-minute net balance in student accounts.
  • Give students and administrators an intuitive, mobile experience to view accounts, identify outstanding obligations, and take action.
  • Allow students to pay in installments by opting in to payment plans.
  • Combine data from Zion Financial Management to get a complete view of campus financials.

Streamline financial transactions.

Use a robust calculation engine to easily assess charges, apply payments, and disburse a variety of financial aid programs.

  • Automate student financial processes, such as charge assessment and financial aid disbursements.
  • Easily allocate payment and swap rules to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Improve business processes for financial aid refunds and more.
  • Use eligibility rules to assign students action items, such as the statement of financial responsibility.
  • Configure past-due and hold settings and define charge types, grace periods, and past-due balance tolerance amounts.