Human Capital Management

Empowering HR for the World's Learning Organizations

Use a single global human resources solution to engage your employees, align common HR processes, and promote a culture of compliance.

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Human resource management.

Manage the full worker lifecycle—from staffing to compensation—using a single intuitive human capital management system.

• Modify organizational structures using flexible organization management.
• Allow your teams to define and manage their own business processes.
• Empower all employees with a consistent, engaging, and social experience across all devices.
• Manage your entire workforce, including contingent workers, to ensure global consistency and allow for local variation.

Think global and act local

Manage your entire workforce, whether it's halfway around the world or in the office with you. HR management software from Zion supports common global practices and unique local requirements.

  • Create regionally specific offers and employment agreements automatically.
  • Manage employee probation periods, collective agreements, notice periods, and contract data.
  • Add European Works Councils to processes to increase efficiency and visibility.
  • Support multiple currencies to simplify reporting and transacting.
  • Set up jobs once and publish them worldwide, while considering local attributes.

Adapt to change on the fly

Quickly and accurately model your workforce according to your unique business needs.

  • Use multiple organization types (company, cost center, and so on) to visualize your business.
  • View full-time and contingent labor in one place for a full picture of your workforce.
  • Reorganize at any time without relying on IT, so you can quickly respond to change.
  • Access interactive organization charts instantly on any device.

Meet your unique HR management requirements.

Create, configure, and manage any business process, at any organizational level, using an easy process-configuration tool.

  • Allow your teams to define and manage their own business processes.
  • Deploy faster with a predefined business process catalog.
  • Embed analytics within processes to empower your people in moments that matter.
  • Quickly add conditional logic to streamline operations.
  • Monitor all process and transaction statuses with comprehensive audits.

Self-service on any device.

Our intuitive HR management system, designed for every device, allows your people to access Zion anytime, anywhere.

  • Foster engagement with smart search, social collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Reduce the number of applications needed while providing greater visibility.
  • Cultivate conversation with pulse surveys and anytime feedback.
  • Initiate and manage transactions—from hire to retire—on any device.
  • Configure role-based security profiles and provide access to relevant information.